You can donate your DNA to medical research as we search for “healthy” adults who have rare genetic changes that we’d expect to cause severe illness in childhood. We know that these “resilient” people exist, and we believe if we can understand what is protecting them from illness, then we can make advances towards treating or even preventing these diseases.

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Help Reveal Insights

We anticipate that once we identify these “resilient” individuals, further study will help reveal key insights into the biology of these diseases, and how they have been protected via genetic or environmental factors to avoid getting ill.

These insights may not directly help you and your healthcare decisions, but could pave the way to develop new treatments or even prevent certain rare diseases altogether in the future.

The Phenomenon

We expect that this phenomenon occurs in about 1 in every 20,000 people, so we are looking for a large number of participants to help us!

You can learn more here and then register to participate if you wish to do so. When the study opens this summer (2014) we can send you a kit in the mail with a simple and painless cheek swab to provide a sample of your DNA.